Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Veg Manchurian

We both love Chinese food but we all know that Chinese cuisine varies according to the geographical regions. India has its own variety of Chinese cuisine known as Indo-Chinese. I have already posted a recipe from this cuisine: Chilli Chicken. You can have a look.

Few days back my Sister-In-Law came to our place with her cute kids. The kiddos asked me to make something from my blog (they consider my blog as their menu card :)) 
The younger one requested me to make Chilli Chicken but the elder one wouldn't like Chicken that much so I thought of making Veg Manchurian for her and Chilli Chicken for the younger. That way both were happy :)

Veg Manchurian is a very popular Indo-Chinese dish and a complete party pleaser. It can be served as an appetizer or as main course with fried rice. The veg balls or fritters are made up of chopped vegetables and then dipped in the sauce. It can be made in two ways: with or without gravy. We like the later one which is also known as Dry Veg Manchurian. (If you want the gravy version add vegetable broth to the sauce)

For the sauce I haven't used Ajinomoto as it has adverse effects on health so you can enjoy yummy Veg Manchurian without giving any second thought. So, here's the recipe:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Yes, I know my last few posts revolved around Beverages and why wouldn't they be as Summer was at its peak in India and there's nothing much satisfying than having a glass of cold drink after returning home from scorching and soaring outside temperature.

To wind up my series of "BeatTheHeat" , I thought of making Pina Colada finally. A single sip of this tropical drink gives you a feeling of relaxing at the beach and enjoying the sea view. 

My take on this recipe of Pina Colada calls for Non-alcoholic version. A good virgin Pina Colada recipe starts with the same basic ingredients as the Alcoholic version. But trust me the alcoholic flavor is so empowering that it's better to eliminate the alcohol part and just enjoy the actual flavor of this tropical drink.

I replaced alcohol with coconut milk as pineapple and coconut complement each other very well. If you want then you can add rum too but for me it's optional. Let's start with the recipe:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mango Kulfi

Can we imagine Summers without Icecreams? Nah.....!!!!

In India Summers are synonyms to Ice-creams, Pickles and Papadam. As a child we all grew up eating Kulfis (Popsicles) which we used to enjoy during our long Summer holidays. My mother had a very hard time keeping me at home the moment I would hear a bell of Kulfiwallas.

Usually my mother used to make ice-creams at home but sometimes, we would get "Kulfi" from the local vendors. These Kulfis were carried out in a large earthen pots. Those days I just used to enjoy the taste of Kulfis without any thought of hygiene factor. Things have changed these days and Kulfi's have been replaced by Ice-creams and the so called Kulfiwala's got replaced by the Ice-cream parlors.

In the scorching heat of summer frozen treats and cool beverages give a sense of relaxation. I have already posted few recipes here, you can have a look:
Kulfi is nothing but a frozen creamy milk based dessert. As mangoes are in full swing this summer I thought of making Kulfis and giving it a mango flavor. So, this recipe has the creaminess of milk and bursting with mango flavors. After I had this Kulfi I was back in my childhood days that feeling can never be replaced by the modern icecreams and icecream parlors.

Hope with this recipe I can take you back to your childhood. So, here's the recipe:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cucumber Lime Mojito

These days I'm addicted to the refreshing and rejuvenating cool summer beverages and fruit juices. After returning from a hectic day at work I find myself roaming around the refrigerator to take a bottle of these cool drinks and enjoy it sitting in front of my TV.

These drinks not only cool down your body temperature but have health benefits too. I always prefer homemade drinks and juices than buying it from the market. With summers approaching I like to stock up my refrigerator with these homemade beverages. It comes very handy when all of a sudden somebody arrives at your home.

I always like to experiment with my food. When it comes to juices I like to mix and match different flavors of fruits and juices. This time I tried to experiment to a very popular cocktail known as Cucumber Mojito. Traditionally Mojito is made with rum, sugar, lime juice, mint and sparkling water. As we both are non-alcoholic I tried to make this Mojito virgin.

This mocktail combines refreshing flavors of cucumbers, lime and mint together. You just can't go wrong with these flavors. So, don't let your summer go without a little celebration. This drink can be served in any lunch, brunch or a dinner party. Trust me your friends and family won't be satisfied with only a single glass. They will say: Give me more!!!

Here's the recipe: