Friday, December 25, 2015

Veg Pulao....The Bong Way!!!!

Hello all, wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year ahead. I hope you all are enjoying this Holiday season and ready to say a "Bye Bye" to the year 2015. Undoubtedly, this festive mood fills my heart with ecstasy. Everything becomes bright colored and sparkling like stars. You can see decorations and fairy lights all around. Even if you don't celebrate this festive season it's very hard not to get enticed from these lights and decorations. 

When it comes to this time of the year, I am sure you are no far from baking; that's the way of celebrating this season at least. The aroma of freshly baked cookies and cakes embarks holidays. I have baked some Vanilla Cupcakes and a simple vanilla cake with lots of dry fruits and tutti-frutti but couldn't click any pics; may be next time.

If you're looking for some holiday special recipes of cakes, cookies and desserts, please check out these links:
As I was already having so many holiday special recipes so I decided to post Bengali style Veg Pulao which I paired with a very simple Chicken curry. Local markets are usually flooded with lots of winter special veggies, so making a Veg Pulao is no big deal; adding few dry fruits give extra punch to it.

So, let's begin with the recipe:

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bengali Style Aaloor Dom.........Dum Aaloo

Hello, my fellow foodies. Hope you are doing good and enjoying the cool breezy winter season. It's a mid December, but in Kolkata we don't feel the winter as such. Wrapping a light stole in the evening can protect you from the cold. 

In Portland, USA, we used to get almost 10 months of winter and I used to get fed up with that kind of weather as you have to clothe yourself in jackets and scarfs etc. You can't dress up in your pretty skirts and dresses :( So, in that way I'm happy as I can wear my skirts, tees even in the mid December.....Lolzzzzz

Winter brings many more things with it. You can enjoy so many delicacies like:
  • Gajar Ka Halwa (Recipe here)
  • Vegetable Croquettes (Recipe here)
  • Motor er Kachuri (Peas Kachori)
  • Gurer Payesh (Palm Jaggery Rice Pudding)
  • Gurer Mishti (Palm Jaggery Sweets) and many more......
From the above list I have already posted few items on the blog and many more are in my bucket. Hope to post their recipes soon. AMEN!!!

Anyway, there is one more item which my family and I enjoy a lot and that is Aaloo r Dom or Dum Aaloo. I have already posted the recipe of Achari Aaloo (Recipe here) which is one of my favorites. This is a more of Bengali style Aalor Dom which you can enjoy with Luchi (Puri) on a cozy Sunday morning.

I like to twist each recipe a bit to give the recipe my personal touch so I did with this recipe too. So, let's go through the recipe to learn more about it and hope you'll like it.