Sunday, December 30, 2018

Singapore Style Black Pepper Chicken


Hello Foodies, Hope you'll are doing great and feasting your favorite dishes during this time of the year.

Today I'm back with one of the most loved recipes of the Chinese or I must say Asian cuisine and i.e. Singapore Style Black Pepper Chicken. It's hot, it's spicy and completely irresistible. If you love spicy food then I'm sure you'll love this recipe too.

Since, this recipe is on the spicier side I would recommended you to adjust the spiciness according to your taste buds. So, without any further ado let's get started:

Monday, December 24, 2018

Strawberry & Vanilla Pannacotta...........A perfect dessert for your holidays!!


Hello my Foodie Friends. Hope you all are enjoying the festive season and relishing upon the baked goodies. If you’re still finalizing the dessert for your Holiday party I have got a very crowd pleasing recipe for you and i.e. Strawberry & Vanilla Pannacotta. 


Pannacotta is an Italian dessert which means cooked cream. Traditionally it is made from milk, cream, sugar and gelatin. It is generally served chilled and topped with chocolate, caramel sauce or fruits of your choice. You can enjoy this dessert as it is just spoon up and indulge yourself in it's silky smooth texture.

These days we can easily find gelatin in our local grocery stores unlike earlier; people would use egg-whites instead. So, if you are not in favor of using gelatin you can always replace gelatin with egg whites but in that case you need to bake it. Having gelatin in your pantry makes your life easy and you can make really gorgeous looking desserts instantly.

I used Strawberries but you can always use fruit of your choice or replace it with chocolate the options are endless! So let's begin with the recipe: