Sunday, December 30, 2018

Singapore Style Black Pepper Chicken


Hello Foodies, Hope you'll are doing great and feasting your favorite dishes during this time of the year.

Today I'm back with one of the most loved recipes of the Chinese or I must say Asian cuisine and i.e. Singapore Style Black Pepper Chicken. It's hot, it's spicy and completely irresistible. If you love spicy food then I'm sure you'll love this recipe too.

Since, this recipe is on the spicier side I would recommended you to adjust the spiciness according to your taste buds. So, without any further ado let's get started:

Monday, December 24, 2018

Strawberry & Vanilla Pannacotta...........A perfect dessert for your holidays!!


Hello my Foodie Friends. Hope you all are enjoying the festive season and relishing upon the baked goodies. If you’re still finalizing the dessert for your Holiday party I have got a very crowd pleasing recipe for you and i.e. Strawberry & Vanilla Pannacotta. 


Pannacotta is an Italian dessert which means cooked cream. Traditionally it is made from milk, cream, sugar and gelatin. It is generally served chilled and topped with chocolate, caramel sauce or fruits of your choice. You can enjoy this dessert as it is just spoon up and indulge yourself in it's silky smooth texture.

These days we can easily find gelatin in our local grocery stores unlike earlier; people would use egg-whites instead. So, if you are not in favor of using gelatin you can always replace gelatin with egg whites but in that case you need to bake it. Having gelatin in your pantry makes your life easy and you can make really gorgeous looking desserts instantly.

I used Strawberries but you can always use fruit of your choice or replace it with chocolate the options are endless! So let's begin with the recipe:

Monday, July 9, 2018

Rajma Chawal (Red Kidney Beans with Rice)

Hello Fellas.....hope you'll are doing great. Hope you're having a great summer time in your respective places and making the most of it this season. Here, in this part of the world we're having an awesome time and enjoying my summer dresses to the fullest because after this we have to load ourselves with the boring jackets and sweaters. 

Although summer brings lot of fun but it also leads to health and skin problems therefore we need to put extra time to take care of our body. My mantra for this season is to eat simple and drink lot of fluids. So, I like to eat very easy-peasy dishes in this season.

Few days back I made Rajma-Chawal for lunch. If you follow me for some time you'll know that I had spend few years of my life in Punjab so there's lot of influence of Punjabi cuisine in my cooking. I'm a great lover of Punjabi food and almost tried every type of food in my kitchen.

So today I'm sharing the recipe of Rajma-Chawal. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Pad Thai/ Phad Thai


We just love Thai food, if you ask me to choose between Chinese and Thai food; I'll always go for the later one. So, today I thought of sharing a recipe which is one of my favorites whenever I think of a Thai Cuisine. Yes, it's none other than Pad Thai.......a famous Thailand street food. 


The Asian store in my neighborhood carries so many sauces which always compels me to pick and try each of them; but thanks to the Chinese/Thai script which restricts me to do so and I always stick to the basic ones. 

When it comes to Thai food I love their Chicken Satay, Dumplings, Spring rolls, Tom Yum Soup, Basil Fried Rice, Pad Kee Mow and the list goes on. Although (for novice like us) Chinese and Thai cuisine have a very minute difference but I love the flavors of Thai cuisine.

Pad Thai or Phad Thai it's a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at most of the restaurants in Thailand. Preparing any kind of noodles is a time taking process because it needs a lot of pre-cooking time but the actual cooking time is very less. Just fry the protein & veggies add sauces and noodles. Stir fry them for few minutes and you're served. 

So without further ado let's start with the recipe of Pad Thai.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Herb Roasted Chicken

Hello peeps, hope you'll are doing good. Few days back I had posted a pic of Herb Roasted Chicken with Dijon Green Beans on my Insta stories and I received number of DM's to post the its recipe. 

Believe me that dish was an impromptu attempt to cook something for dinner; whatever was handy I had mixed up everything and came up with a dish which was a great hit on the dining table and on my social media handles too. 

So, I thought to give that dish a place on my blog so that I won't forget the recipe and you guys can also try it in your kitchen. This recipe is not only healthy but also requires minimal prep and cooking time which is very helpful on the days when we don't like to step into the kitchen.

Here, the recipe of Herb Roasted Chicken with Dijon Green Beans. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Egg Tadka Daal (Dimer Torka)

Hello my foodie friends......hope you'll are doing good. "Torka- Ruti" (Egg Tadka Daal with Chapatis) is one of my go to food whenever I'm in India. In Kolkata it's a very common scene to come across various roadside carts selling Dimer Torka (Egg Tadka Daal) and Ruti (Chapatis) in evening. 

Even I used to buy that whenever I was not in the mood of cooking. Even the price is so reasonable that it won't hurt your pockets. But, the guilt of having the roadside food laded with all the dust and unhygienic things won't allow me to enjoy the deliciousness of this very popular food.

So, the foodie inside me woke up again and yelled at me to try this recipe at home. Egg Tadka Daal is nothing but Whole Green Moong Daal topped with scrambled egg. There is another version where the egg is beaten and added into the daal while it's cooking. I like the former one so, I'll be sharing that recipe here.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken......The name itself is enough to make someone drool over the hot, sizzling platter of spicy and juicy Chicken pieces. As a kid when I use to attend the marriage ceremonies the first thing I would search in buffets or the menu card are those succulent Tandoori Chicken.

When I grew up and developed interest in cooking I use to think that making those restaurant style Tandoori Chicken at home is not possible. Thanks, to the technology, my blogger friends and You-tubers from where I tried to learn the art of making Tandoori Chicken at home. 

I tried many recipes; sometimes it use to work and sometimes I failed drastically but finally after adding and subtracting many things I came up with a recipe which never disappoints me and every time I come up with restaurant style taste at home.

So, without further ado let's start with the recipe:

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Paneer Do Pyaza

Hello Foodaholics!! Hope you'll are doing good and celebrating food everywhere. We foodies don't need any reason to celebrate food. Right? You give us any damn reason and we come up with innovative ideas to make our meal special for that day.

As we all know IPL season is going on in full swing in India, and we both are supporters of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR); though we have to get up at odd hours to see the matches but anything for you KKR! So, last week there was a match between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and obviously KKR won which gave us a big reason to celebrate.

And hence Paneer Do Pyaza and Garlic Naan (recipe here) to relish the flavors of this exotic dish. This is a very popular North Indian dish which is commonly served in restaurants. As the name itself specifies Paneer (Cottage Cheese)  Do (Twice) Pyaza (Onions). This recipe calls for using onions twice and in two different ways. How??? You'll get to know about it in the recipe:

Monday, April 30, 2018

Crab Curry

CRABS....."You cannot teach a crab to walk straight". 
Whenever we hear the word Crab, we can think of exotic dishes made from it but the real deal is in cleaning them. The thought of cleaning crab gives me goosebumps. It's so scary dealing with live crabs and this was the main reason I couldn't relish crab at home.

Whenever I visited our local Asian store I couldn't stop myself in gazing those live crabs. I never gathered the courage of handling them at home on my kitchen top. So whenever we thought of enjoying crabs we would go to some restaurants and dig a hole in our wallets (Mind you....eating crabs in restaurants is quite expensive). Of course I tried to search online and like always I got thousand of ideas on HOW TO CLEAN CRABS? But still I was not very confident about myself.

Finally, one day I saw huge KING CRAB LEGS lying down the display case in my nearby grocery store along with many seafoods. I couldn't stop my excitement and I shouted YES; NOW I CAN RELISH THEM AND MAKE SOME EXOTIC DISHES FROM CRAB AT HOME.

So, here I'm penning down our family's favorite Crab Curry recipe which we like to enjoy with steamed rice and salad. Hope you'll like it.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Chicken 65

Hello my foody peeps, hope you'll are doing good and enjoying spring and summer in your respective regions. Recently, I visited my home town Kolkata, India but before the summer would start showing it's temperament we returned to Boston, though it is spring here and the temperature is in single digit yet. 

Anyway, I have enjoyed lot of good Bengali food during my vacation and satisfied my craving for the Kolkata style street food but what to do YEH DIL MAANGE MORE!!!!! 

After getting over the jet lag, unpacking things and other chores finally I decided to work on  my blog which had gained a back seat in my life :( 

This time I decided to make Chicken 65: A popular hot, spicy and delicious South Indian Snack. There are numerous ways in which this scrumptious dish can be made; I tried few of them and finally settled on this recipe and trust me you don't need any other recipe after this.  

The origin of this dish is still unknown; there are number of theories associated with this recipe but who cares when you're a food enthusiast what matters for you the dish should satisfy your craving.

So, let's begin with the recipe:

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Rasgulla Pudding aka Rasgulla Payesh

 Hello the festival of Nolen Gur or Date Palm Jaggery is coming to an end let us all indulge ourselves in some of the delicacies prepared from Nolen Gur. The Harvest festival which is popularly known as "Makar Sankranti" in Hindi and "Poush Sankranti" in Bengali had just passed by and all the desserts prepared had Nolen Gur in them in some way or the other.
I have some recipes posted on my blog which are traditionally prepared by my Mom and Mom-in-law on the auspicious occasion of Poush Sankranti with Nolen Gur. You can click the link below to have a look:
This time I thought of making something which doesn't require that much of arm workout and well, it's scrumptious too. The recipe which I'm trying to pen down is Rasgulla Pudding. If some guests are coming your way don't worry you can prepare it instantly; you just need to have Rasgullas handy and you're sorted.

I prepared this recipe with some homemade Rasgullas. You can find the recipe here . So, let's get started:

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Gulab Jamun Cake......Let's celebrate New Year with some Fusion Food

Hello All, finally I'm back after an ultra long break and managed to get some time and jot down a recipe which is very close to my heart. I'm very fond of fusion dishes and I always find myself experimental with this type of cuisine. Fusion Cuisine doesn't fall under any particular cuisine style and has played a part in innovations of many contemporary restaurant cuisines since 1970's. 

It's really very innovative and at the same time challenging to fuse elements of different culinary traditions into one style of cooking. I usually try to experiment with some traditional dishes and give it a new look and feel. 

This time I tried to experiment with a basic Vanilla cake and Gulab Jamuns. When it comes to cakes you can have zillion of creative ideas. I did it with Gulab Jamuns this time. Yes, a Gulab Jamun sounds so Royal, isn't it?

You can make this scrumptious cake with store bought cake and gulab jamuns but I like to do everything from scratch so I made a basic Vanilla cake, mini gulab jamuns, buttercream frosting and finally assembled them.

So, let's get started: