Friday, May 31, 2019

Mango Phirni


As we all know Eid is just around the corner so something special dedicated to Eid has to be there on the blog. What's better than celebrating a special occasion with a dessert. I have already shared many dessert recipes on the blog. You may check them out here (click here).

Phirni or Firni is a kind of rice pudding which is very popular in North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. This pudding is also prepared during the holy month of Ramzan and to celebrate festivals like Holi, Diwali etc.....

It's a very easy and quick dessert which needs very few ingredients. It's very similar to Rice Kheer but the difference lies in the kind of rice being used. Phirni is prepared from ground rice while the later is prepared from whole rice. 

So, let's celebrate this Eid with your friends, family members and Mango Phirni. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Chicken Malai Tikka Kabab


Mughlai Cuisine is one of our family favorite. Whether it's a Biryani, Korma or Kabab we love them all. Whenever we go to a restaurant or any guest visits our home one of our all time favorite appetizer/starter is Tandoori Chicken. I have already shared the recipe of Tandoori Chicken on my blog. You may check it out here (click here)

Today in this blog post I'm going to share another delicacy of Mughlai Cuisine and i.e. Chicken Malai Tikka. Chicken Malai Tikka is one of those exotic dishes that you can make when you want to have a fancy dinner or want to impress your family members. These succulent and fragrant chicken pieces just melts in your mouth and taste heavenly.

These Kababs serve as a great appetizer and a complete party pleaser too. If some guests are visiting your place you can do the prep work beforehand and pop them into the oven before serving.

So without much further rambling let's begin with the recipe.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Mini Cheesecakes (Cheesecakes with Strawberry)


Cheesecakes.......We all love Cheesecakes, isn’t it? We always enjoy the soft, creamy and melt in mouth texture of the Cheesecakes. But at the same time they add lot of calories to our body; this is the reason why many of us can't enjoy or even have a guilt factor back in our mind which restricts us from enjoying these beauties. 

So, I decided to cheat these Cheesecakes by removing "Cheese" from it. Yes, you heard it right: "A Cheesecake Without Cream Cheese". It not only helps you to get rid of that "guilt" but it does full justice to the taste of an original Cheesecake.

I have already shared the recipe of Skinny Mango Cheesecake. You can check out the recipe here (click here).

Try out this recipe and come back to thank me later on. I know you'll love this recipe. So, without wasting anymore time let's begin with the recipe.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Fish Fingers


We all love Indian Street Food starting from bhel puri, pani puri, papdi chaat, dahi bhalle, samosa chaat and the list goes on and on. If you move towards Eastern part of India you'll find there are number of vendors selling "CHOP" aka croquettes. They have variety of chops in their stall starting from vegetable chop, fish chop and chicken chop. You name it and you'll find that variety in their stall.

One of the very famous street foods is Fish Fingers or Fish Sticks. They are very delicious snack /appetizer and go very well with your evening cup of tea. They are also one of the favorite recipes for kids. 

But the question is how much hygiene they maintain in their shops. We're feeding those chops aka croquettes to our kids to our family members but always have a guilt in our mind i.e. what oil they're using, what kind of water they're using etc etc.

I have a stern belief that home cooked food is always better than street food. So, I prefer to give my family home cooked food but not compromising on the taste.

Fish Fingers or Fish Sticks or Fish Nuggets whatever you call them are made from any kind of White Fish (Cod, Haddock, Basa etc). Here, I'm using Tilapia.

These fish fingers or fish sticks are first battered and then coated with bread crumbs and finally deep fried. You can serve them with any kind of dipping sauce of your choice.

You can also freeze them for upto 3 weeks and when you want thaw them and fry them in hot oil on medium heat for 10-12 minutes. You're done.

So, let's start with the recipe: