Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cucumber Lime Mojito

These days I'm addicted to the refreshing and rejuvenating cool summer beverages and fruit juices. After returning from a hectic day at work I find myself roaming around the refrigerator to take a bottle of these cool drinks and enjoy it sitting in front of my TV.

These drinks not only cool down your body temperature but have health benefits too. I always prefer homemade drinks and juices than buying it from the market. With summers approaching I like to stock up my refrigerator with these homemade beverages. It comes very handy when all of a sudden somebody arrives at your home.

I always like to experiment with my food. When it comes to juices I like to mix and match different flavors of fruits and juices. This time I tried to experiment to a very popular cocktail known as Cucumber Mojito. Traditionally Mojito is made with rum, sugar, lime juice, mint and sparkling water. As we both are non-alcoholic I tried to make this Mojito virgin.

This mocktail combines refreshing flavors of cucumbers, lime and mint together. You just can't go wrong with these flavors. So, don't let your summer go without a little celebration. This drink can be served in any lunch, brunch or a dinner party. Trust me your friends and family won't be satisfied with only a single glass. They will say: Give me more!!!

Here's the recipe:


1. Cucumbers (peeled and deseeded): 3
2. Mint (leaves removed from stem) : 2 sprigs 
3. Lime Juice of 1 lemon
4. Granulated Sugar: 1 cup
5. Soda Water: 1 cup
6. Ice cubes : 7-8


1. Cut the cucumber in small pieces and put them into the blender with mint leaves, lime juice and sugar. Blend them nicely so that everything comes together and no cucumber chunks are left.

2. Strain this mixture through a fine strainer in a bowl. Check the sweetness of the juice add more sugar if required. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator until its completely chilled.

3. While serving take a glass, add ice cubes and pour the juice into the glass. Top it with soda water.

4. Garnish with lemon-cucumber slices and mint leaves.

5. Enjoy with your friends and family.


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  2. Amazing mojito recipe!!Loved it