Friday, March 20, 2015

Carrot Fudge/ Carrot Barfi

I know these days I'm a bit irregular in posting new recipes. The reason behind is that we moved from USA to India. So, there's lot of things happening at our end. The major thing is shifting to our new home. Hope I'll be regular once we get everything settled at our end. Amen!!

One of few things which we used to miss in USA is our family and the way festivals are celebrated here in India. The real essence of Indian festivals can be enjoyed being in India itself and so did we this time in Holi. This was my first Holi with my in-laws after my marriage. So, I was quite excited and made lot of sweets and savory items. One of them was "Carrot Fudge". 

Carrots marks Indian winters and they are incomplete without them. There are lot of dessert delicacies made with carrots. One of them is "Gajar Ka Halwa". I already posted the recipe here. You can have a look here:

As this festivals marks the ending of Indian winters so I thought of enjoying these last few days of winter by having carrots in the form of dessert. So instead of making the usual "Gajar Ka Halwa" (Carrot Pudding) I decided to go for "Carrot Fudge" (Carrot Barfi). This is a very easy recipe and takes very less time to make.

My family enjoyed it having with the various other sweet and savory items. Hope you'll enjoy it as we did.  So, let's get started:


1. Carrots: 1 kg
2. Milk: 2 cups
3. Khoa (Solidified milk): 1 cup
3. Sugar: 2 cups (as per requirement)
4. Ghee (clarified butter): 2 tbsp + 1 tbsp
5. Green Cardamoms (crushed): 1 tbsp
6. Chopped Dry fruits(as per your choice): 1/2 cup


1. Wash the carrots thoroughly and peel off the skin. Now grate them with the help of a vegetable grater.

2. In a heavy bottom pan pour milk and let it boil on medium heat. Reduce the milk to half. Stir continuously as milk tends to stick at the bottom of the pan.

3. Take another pan add 2 tbsp of ghee and add grated carrots. Let the carrot cook on medium heat until all the carrot juice gets evaporated. 

4. Now add sugar to the carrot mixture and mix until sugar gets well combined with the mixture.

5. Once the carrot is well cooked and no juice is left it's time to add this mixture to the reduced milk. Cook the carrot in this milk until everything gets dry.

6. Now add the khoa, crushed cardamoms and chopped dry fruits to the fudge mixture and mix well. Let it cool down.

7. Take a plate and grease it with 1 tbsp of ghee and spread the fudge mixture on this plate. Sprinkle finely chopped dry fruits on the fudge mixture and press it well so that it gets stick to the mixture.

8. Cut the fudge into desired shape. 

9. Enjoy!!


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