Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blog Post In Collaboration With 27coupons.com

Recently we moved to Kolkata, India for good after two and half years. It was such a blissful moment meeting our parents, relatives and friends after such a long time. Moreover there was one more thing which we we excited about i.e. setting up our new home. Obviously, it needs lot of attention and time.

Yes, we are moving to our new home for which we have to do a lot of shopping starting from home decor, electronics, furnitures, kitchen appliances and many more things. I must say its quite exciting stage of life for anyone but at the same time it needs lot of planning and execution like:

  • Get the information of product
  • Search for the best deals
  • Visit the stores
  • Check the prices
  • Finalize the item
  • Get your item shipped
To cut the story short, setting up a new home is always challenging yet exciting and for sure requires lot of patience. Thanks to the E-Commerce sites which simply allows us to sit on our couch, sip a cup of coffee, browse internet and buy products online with a click of button. Now-a-days there are so many online stores like
  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • ebay etc..
One good thing about online shopping is, we get everything under one umbrella along with their reviews. But the question is : Are we really satisfied with it? No, we always look for some deals, discounts and coupons which serves as an icing on the cake. It really saves you a lot of money. 

Holi: A festival full of colors. As we all know it's around the corner so I was planning a small get-together at our new place. Any Indian festival is incomplete without family and friends. I really enjoy to surprise them with some gifts. Moreover who doesn't loves to get unexpected gifts :P 

I really love the expression of the people when they receive an unexpected gift. It gives me immense satisfaction and happiness. I was little worried how I will manage choosing gifts and shopping for everybody in this short duration. 

Few days back I came across a website called "27coupons.com" which is one of the leading deals and coupons distribution platform of India. They cater to more than 1000 stores and almost all products available on the web. They provide deals on wide variety of products Electronics, Home & Living, Fashion & Apparel, Jewellery, Health & Beauty, Restaurant deals, Travel deals etc.

This website is very neatly designed and user friendly too. 

They have a concept of rewards which I really liked. Once you register on the website you will get 250 points as Signup Rewards which can be redeemed once you reach the threshold of 1000 points. 

This is how your account looks like:

They provide deals and discounts on wide variety of stores and categories. Have a look:

You can subscribe to a particular store to receive deals and discounts in future. Moreover you can save the coupon for later use and use it before it expires. 

Using the coupon is pretty simple, just follow these simple steps:

You can also find deals and discounts offered exclusively for your banks. They cover all the major banks across India. Have a look:

They also have a mobile app which you can download and shop at our convenience. You can download it from Google Play.

So, I'm looking forward to do lot of shopping for my new flat and the upcoming festival of colors from the online stores avoiding all the nasty traffic, getting the best deals and discounts on a click, shopping at our convenience and last but not the least, using the best offers available at 27coupons.com

Hope you will get registered to this website and avail the awesome deals provided by them and surprise your friends and family with some colorful gifts. 

Thank You  27coupons.com !!!