Thursday, April 23, 2015

Aam Panna...Let's Beat the Heat In A Bong's Way


Indian Summers are back again and just a glassful of water is not enough to quench your thirst. Whether hungry or not I always find myself opening the refrigerator and looking for some cold and refreshing drinks. If you're a regular follower of my blog then you might be knowing that I always prefer homemade food and cold drinks are no different. 

I always find homemade fruit juices and drinks healthier and hygienic than the store bought or the ones that are readily available at the local juice stalls. In summers I always keep 2-3 different varieties of homemade fruit juices in my refrigerator. They not only refresh me but have great health benefits too.

Aam-Panna is a very popular summer drink which rejuvenates you immediately. It is prepared from raw green mangoes and it's sweet and tangy flavor is enjoyed by all. It not only helps in fighting the summer heat but also helps in digestion. A glass full of this chilled cooler makes you feel relaxed and gives you an instant energy. 

This is my take on Aam Panna. We Bengalis make this classic drink in a different way and have a different name too: "Aam Pora Shorbot". Try this nourishing cooler this summer and believe me your family will thank you for this refreshing drink.


1. Raw Mangoes (medium sized) : 2 
2. Roasted Cumin Powder: 1 tbsp
3. Black Salt (Kala Namak): 2 tbsp
4. Mint Leaves: 10-12
5. Sugar: 1 cup (as required)
6. Water: 3-4 cups


1.  Wash the raw mangoes thoroughly and pat dry with a kitchen towel. Take a fork and prick them at different places.

2. Roast the mangoes on the gas flame and turn them to ensure even roasting on each side. Once done remove the mangoes from flame and let them cool down.

3. Peel off the skin and squeeze them to take out the pulp (You can preserve this pulp in a clean container and store in the refrigerator for 3-4 days and make Aam Panna as and when required).

4. Pour this pulp into a blender and add the remaining ingredients. Whiz them for a minute or until all the ingredients are blended together.

5. Pour the Aam Panna in glasses and add 2-3 ice-cubes and serve immediately or allow it to refrigerate and serve chilled.

6. Garnish it with few mint leaves and enjoy the rejuvenating drink this summer with your family.


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