Friday, November 27, 2015


Hello fellow foodies, hope you all are doing good and trying to lose the extra calories gained during this festive season; yes, that's a big issue which we foodies have to deal with. Whenever we eat something unhealthy yet delicious (trying to keep the unhealthy factor aside) the only thing spins in our mind is how much calories we gained from it.

These days I'm trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle by making few changes in my daily routine. Trying to walk rather than taking a rickshaw wherever I can, eating less oily food and avoiding fried and junk. If you're following a particular diet in the weekdays than try to give yourself a treat on weekends and eat the things that you like though in limited  quantities. 

I believe if you make these kind of little changes in your daily routine you can lose at least few calories in a long run. You can't lose kgs of weight in a week or a month, it's important that you set achievable target otherwise you will be disheartened.  

Anyway, let me cut all this for now and jump straight into today's post. As I mentioned in my previous post that I had visited my parent's place this Diwali to celebrate Kali Puja and Diwali, I posted few pictures of the celebration that you can have a look here. I made few snacks and desserts at my parents place.

I also posted recipe of Gulab Jamun (the link to the recipe is here). This time I'm posting the recipe of Nimki which is a very popular Bengali snack and goes well with hot cup of tea. So, let's begin with the recipe:


1. All Purpose Flour (Maida): 1 1/2 cup
2. Salt: 1/2 tsp
3. Cumin Seeds/ Nigella Seeds: 1/2 tsp
4. Oil (for kneading): 1/2 cup
5. Water: 3/4 cup
6. Oil for frying


1. In a bowl sieve the all purpose flour with salt. 

2. Add the cumin seeds (I prefer cumin seeds over nigella seeds) and oil. Rub the mixture well with our hands until you get breadcrumbs like texture.

3. Start adding water very little at a time to knead a tight yet pliable dough. 

4. Keep on kneading for 5-6 minutes. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and let it rest for 10-15 minutes.

5. Meanwhile heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan on medium-high heat. 

6. Divide the dough into 5-6 portions and roll out each portions with rolling pin into chapati. The thickness of the chapati should be at least 1mm.

7. Prick the chapati with the help of a fork to avoid fluffing of the nimkis.

8. Now cut the chapati into small diamond shapes.

9. When the oil is hot enough reduce the heat to medium and add the nimkis.

10. Fry them until golden brown from all sides. Remove them on a plate lined with paper towel to soak excess oil.

11. When they are cool add black salt, red chilli powder as needed to add some extra flavor to the nimkis. This step is completely optional though. Enjoy!!


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